Farmhouse and previous pond

Chalkhouse Green Farm is located alongside the old Reading market drove road.  In centuries gone by, a prominent triangle of 3 Scotts Pine trees indicated a place where herdsmen could rest and graze their stock and 2 of these trees remain to this day.  Livestock could be kept under-cover on the chalk floor of the ‘Tiled Barn’ and above there were iron bed-steads where rest could be found for the herdsmen in the warmth rising from the animals below.

The farm has many significant areas of interest, with a fabulously historic oak tree of vast proportions standing proudly atop the valley.  Windy Oak, (as it has been called since before memory) retains its grand shape from years of pruning for animal feed and it has been proven that it takes many people holding hands to encircle it!

A pear walk leads from the farmyard to Windy Oak, running alongside the pit field – so named because of two large chalk pits on either side.  These were mainly mined for building materials – particularly to create hard standing to save the feet of livestock and for spreading on the land.

A dedicated planting program foresting the woodlands around the farm with mixed deciduous trees has belted the farmland with considerable breaks, providing safe cover for both the rich biodiversity of the Chilterns and heavenly rooting grounds for droves of rare-breed free-range pigs.


Pear Walk


Lane between Windy Oak and Beehive chalk pit