More exciting news about our open day at the farm on July 20th

A falconry display and heavy horse logging demonstration will add to the usual fun, activities and interest of the day and of course all the usual animals will be here.  Lots of visitors have come to the farm to enjoy our famous cream teas and cakes raising money for Soundabout, the wonderful charity that uses music and rhythm to communicate with and understand severely disabled people.


Ruth has her new ducklings on the pond, tragically we have had a visit from Swiper the Fox but we have lots of little chicks and some of our poultry have identity problems as they have hatched out eggs not belonging to them!  The three Crollwitzer turkeys are having their annual competition to see who’s tail is the finest and who’s face can go the most blue.  Their ladies are very unimpressed!

Piggy Wiggies

Bonker(!) the new boar is resting, snoring heavily after his attentions to his ladies.  Marigold the Mangalitza sow has sensibly taken off her curls and is now in her sleek summer wardrobe (not as decorative as her ginger winter fleece) but much cooler.  They are enjoying a brand new state of the art pig arc.


Alfred The Great (expense) a Suffolk horse gelding has been showing himself off at the Chiltern Open Air Museum where he behaved like a perfect gentleman and was admired by all.  Daisy the Suffolk mare is looking very mellow as she is in foal and is due next year.


All the cows have had their calves that are sparkly white in the sunshine and are gambling amongst the buttercups.  This year our calves were named Nigella (of course!), Noodle, Nightingale, Niacina (in the past we had a Niacin mineral deficiency on the land), Nicoletta and the boys Nathan and Neptune.  Our new bull Parable (joke- ParaBull) is looking very smug and eyeing up next year’s ladies.

All our animals continue to be well cared for by CHG team and are under surveyance by Nanny the Border Collie and all of us look forward to meeting you on the Sunday 20th July!