City kids escape to the country for the day

Children living in Westminster have recently had a chance to see life in the countryside. CityWest Homes has arranged several trips for school children to visit a farm, see the animals up close and learn all about where food comes from.

Funded by Westminster Community Homes, the visits took place in March this year. Children from Paddington Green and St Mary Magdalens Primary Schools were thrilled to see and learn about a range of animals at Chalkhouse Green Farm, Reading. These visits have been a regular activity for CityWest Homes and aim to give children the chance to learn about food and farming.

Keith Cookson, community development manager, CityWest Homes, organised the visits. He said: “Lots of families on our estates don’t have the opportunity to go to the countryside, so these visits are a bit of a revelation for the kids. The reality is that this is probably a first experience for them to see the animals. So as well as being a nice experience which they all enjoy, it is also an educational one.”

The farm trips are just one of the many activities CityWest Homes organises for people on our estates, which also include home work clubs, sporting activities and training courses for young people.

Mike Youkee, chair, Westminster Community Homes, said: “Every year Westminster Community Homes makes an investment in community projects run by CityWest Homes. The farm trips are something that we have supported for the last two years and will continue to do so.

“They have proved to deliver not only an educational insight, but also the highlight of the school year for those inner city children that have never seen a farm animal before. We believe these trips, which combine adventure with education, can have a lasting positive impact.”

Katarine Deeks, Deputy Headteacher, Paddington Green Primary School, said: “The trips have been fantastic and a huge bonus for our year one children.”

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