CHILDREN at Kidmore End Pre-School visited Chalkhouse Green Farm

They went with their parents and grandparents for a tour of the working farm, where the animals include endangered Suffolk Punch horses and Great British white cattle and Berkshire and Mangalitsa pigs. Owners Sarah and John Hall introduced the children to fresh honey off the comb before allowing them to feed the pigs, donkeys, geese and turkeys. 
Pre-school manager Nicky Liddon-Horncastle said: “We are very lucky to have such a wonderful place to visit on our doorstep. Hopefully, we can all come back next year as the children all gained so much from their morning.”

In July, the farm held an open day which attracted about 900 visitors and raised almost £4,000 for the National Gardens Scheme and Soundabout, a charity which has formed a partnership with Helen and Douglas House to help children with disabilities communicate through music.

From the Henley Standard