An update from Foggy

Mud, glorious mud at Chalkhouse Green Farm but due to the mild weather our rare breed British White cows have a bite of grass beside the hedges.

Our gang of piglets are the only animals on the farm to revel in the mud. The Mangalitza cross Oxford black and sandy easily outsmart their Berkshire piglet rivals. When the feed bucket clanks its way towards them they creep silently towards it so as not to alert the Berkshires, who realising they have been duped run up the field squealing with rage.

The RPA ear tag and cattle record Inspector cometh tomorrow, perhaps not the best message to send beleaguered farmers in this time of The Great Floods. I suggested that he might be better employed filling sandbags but oddly that didn’t go down well with him.

Our critically endangered beautiful Suffolk Punch horses occasionally have all four feet on the ground at once. Since last Autumn’s rains started the hidden flints in the mud have bruised their soles, as they weigh nearly a ton each that is not entirely surprising. Daisy our senior mare is on a dating site,visiting prospective stallions, we hope for a foal in about 11 months. Did you know that a hare and a mare gestate for 12 months. Work it out!

Our remarkable rarest of all Crollwitzer turkeys have marital rape on their minds, their wives have to wear leather saddles to save their backs from over enthusiastic sexual attention.
The stags (males) have competitions to see whose face goes the most blue when aroused, but I think the effect is rather lost on their wives, any parellels in the human population? Answers on a plain envelope……..

Open Days
Come and see us. Our details are in the National Garden Scheme Yellow Book for Oxfordshire and our Grand Open Day this year is on 20th July, entrance £3.50, children, wheelchairs and carers free, best cream teas in Oxfordshire! 2pm to 6pm. See you then.