Visit from children from inner city London

When their visitors arrived at Chalkhouse Green Farm, Sarah and Johnny Hall, Nicky, David and Julian served sticky flapjacks made with honey from their bees. They used a simple diagram placed near the tray to show how the honey is made. Later in the visit Johnny donned his kit , opened an unoccupied beehive and passed the frames around so visitors could feel the waxiness (one child said it felt like a candle!) and taste the honey. The live hives were in the background, safely fenced off. Further on in their farm walk the children passed flowering shrubs thick with bees, perfect for watching pollination in action and chatting about its importance!

At Chalkhouse Green Farm there is an avenue of pear trees and an apple orchard. As a snack after the long drive from the city, the children were offered apple juice and chopped pear. Bags of apples and pears sat on a table, as well as in the nearby storage rack. A simple diagram showing the links between the juice, fruit and trees was on the wall. Thirsty children gulped apple juice, and smelt and ate the fresh pears.

On the farm walk they later saw the enormous pear trees and were able to forage for freshly fallen pears. They discussed the shade the trees provided for the pigs underneath, protecting their sensitive skin and discovered the birdlife that lived in the trees. A real woodpecker nest in the tree trunk was very exciting!